Testatoo: TDD for the GUI

Test-driven development is a good thing. We all agree on that, right?

But TDD assumes you can write tests before actually implementing the functionality. How do you do for the GUI when most GUI test tools are based on a scenario-recording appraoch? This requires that the GUI already exists; in other words, another instance of the “chicken or the egg” dilemma…

My friend David Avenante (and host in Montréal for the confoo.ca 2010 conference), has been working on a solution to this problem called Testatoo.

From the web site: “Testatoo provides on one hand an abstraction of the UI business domain through an expressive API and on the other hand a way to express this domain via a DSL (a button semantically stays a buttons whatever the technology). With Testatoo you can therefore write tests with a seldom achieved level of expressiveness and make these tests INDEPENDENT of the underlying technology.”

Interested? The testatoo web site is now up, with tutorials, demos, samples, FAQ, and a forum ! Give it a try, and post your feedback…

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