Is HTML5 Ready Yet?

Just attended Mark Pilgrim’s talk this morning at about HTML5.

I’ll spare you the list of novelties and changes… HTML5 actually does two things:

  • solves a lot of the current problems with HTML and AJAX apps that required ugly Javascript hacks work around (like initial focus, empty text, typed form fields, etc.)
  • brings new functionalities much required for new generation RIA apps (geolocation, storage, offline, video/audio support, etc.)

Apparently it does that very well, allowing compatibility with older markup when possible, complying with standards… and HTML5 is already there in the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

Google is obviously pushing hard for HTML5, and the not-so-hidden goal is to get rid of the Flash plugin. Mark said several times during his presentation “look, no Flash!”… With Google and Apple openly trying to push Flash out of the picture, Adobe has a lot to do 🙂

BTW check those links:


PS: liveblog of Mark’s session

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