It’s official: GWT 2.0.0 (with SpeedTracer)

Logo GWTFinally, as anticipated Google set the “release” tag on GWT 2.0 and announced it at its Campfire One event yesterday. In addition to the well-known major new features (development mode, Code splitting, UiBinder, ResourceBundle), Google comes with a new tool named Speedtracer to measure the performance of Ajax applications inside the browser. SpeedTracer is only available for Chrome at the moment, unfortunately only on platforms where extensions are supported, which means not on Mac currently (actually it does work on Macs, see comments to this post)

The online docs have been updated and are still IMHO a model of how online documentation for a project should be done: clear, concise, well structured, complete yet progressive, with examples… it’s almost fun to read. I wish every project had docs like this.

Download GWT, SpeedTracer or the Eclipse plugin

5 thoughts on “It’s official: GWT 2.0.0 (with SpeedTracer)

  1. Speed TRacer works fine on Mac. I saw it in action myself yesterday. It was on a collague’s machine, so I don’t know if he was using the Chrome beta or the nightly build.

    1. You’re correct… it won’t work on the public beta, you need a Chromium build that has extensions enabled (apparently this comes and go…). I used this one:

      You also need to add the command line flag, which is far less trivial on a Mac than it is on Windows. This is easiest done from a terminal window:
      -cd to /Applications/
      -rename Chromium (binary file) to something like Chromium.bin
      -create an executable script named Chromium that will call the original binary with the added parameter. This is what I used:

      exec /Applications/ --enable-extension-timeline-api $@

      -don’t forget to chmod +x Chromium
      -start the patched Chromium
      -next go to the speedtracer “getting started” page, and skip to step 3 (or click this link directly).
      -accept and few warnings and that’s it, speedtracer on mac!

  2. Hi Olivier,

    Have you ever tried GWT with Maven? I tried a little project, and it keep crashing when refreshing content of GWT run window (Hosted Mode). It says “Invalid memory access of location…”. Any experience of such problem? I’m running on a Mac (OS/X 10.6.2 and Safari 4.0.4). I’m frustrated!


    1. Hi, sure I use GWT with Maven, but this has nothing to do with it.. it’s a well known bug that was brought by Safari 4.0.4 update. But all hope is not lost!
      Your options are:

    2. not upgrade to 4.0.4 (too late in your case)
    3. downgrade to 4.0.3 (tricky)
    4. wait for Apple to fix this in Safari 4.0.5
    5. use a fix describedhere
    6. Luckily I was aware of this so I didn’t apply the 4.0.4 update.

  3. Great it worked! I’ve seen other methods but that failed. Now have to stay on 1.7.1 until safari 4.0.5 gets out! But I can continue on discovering GWT which I find great until now!

    Thanks Olivier!

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