Oracle-Sun acquisition: update

Logo Sun/OracleI have already commented on this subject, and nothing much has changed since then… the acquisition is still pending regulatory issues, and Larry Ellison is trying to put pressure on the EU by saying everywhere that every day until the deal closes, he loses 100.000 dollars, a figure that can’t be confirmed of course.

Anyway, a few days ago Oracle updated its web page dedicated to the acquisition, and we can now find there a document named “Oracle and Sun overview and FAQ“. In summary, this is what we can retain from this document regarding Java-related issues:

  • Java: Oracle plans to “accelerate investment on the Java platform”.
  • DBs: Oracle claims it will spend more money then Sun does now developing MySQL.
  • IDEs: JDeveloper, NetBeans and Oracle’s own flavor of Eclipse will coexist… for now.
  • Application servers: Oracle will continue evolving Glassfish as JEE reference implementation, and also work towards “aligning common infrastructure components“ between Glassfish and WebLogic. Does this sound like a step to merging both products?

Other announcements include increased funding for Solaris and SPARC, continued support for virtualization products, and a few other things.

Overall this is obviously meant to be reassuring to everyone: there is no intention to drop any product, most of them will get increased investment, Oracle now has the best hardware and software combination, etc. But until we know what “accelerate investment on the Java platform” exactly means, there’s still a lot of room for speculations.

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