Just attended Mark Pilgrim’s talk this morning at confoo.ca about HTML5. I’ll spare you the list of novelties and changes… HTML5 actually does two things: solves a lot of the current problems with HTML and AJAX apps that required ugly Javascript hacks work around (like initial focus, empty text, typed form fields, etc.) brings new functionalities much… Read More

If you don’t know yet, SmartGWT is a cool GWT tookit made by Sanjiv Jivan (the guy who wrote GWT-ext). It is primarily intended to build SmartClient frontends, but it is also available standalone under LGPL license. SmartGWT is fast becoming a strong alternative to GWT-ext (stuck because of license issues) and Ext-GWT (very buggy… Read More

Eric Daugherty: Realistically, I think tools like GWT are the future. As a Flex developer, I enjoy the ability to quickly and easily create rich applications that will render the same on ever user's machine. But I would prefer that the Flex applications would compile to HTML and JavaScript, so they could be run native… Read More

Amazon has unveiled the details of its development kit for its Kindle e-book reader. The so called “Kindle development kit for active content” (or KDK) will be based on Java 1.4 Personal Basis Profile (JSR 217); custom additional APIs will be available for networking, local storage, specific UI components, etc. (see javadoc). As strongly as… Read More

You’d think that in 2010, date processing is something that is easily done in Java (and hence GWT), in a consistent cross-platform way. And you’d be wrong. When I’m talking date processing, I mean simple calendar date (not time) operations, like: get today’s date, add a number of days, compute the number of days between… Read More

This is what James Gossling posted on his blog yesterday… Like so many commenters, I also spent the majority of my professional career with Sun technologies, mostly Java. Whatever happens next, it’s a new era that begins. Fortunately, the company with a big G has embraced Java, and that is probably where the future lies,… Read More

While exploring the code samples that come with Palm’s SDK for webOS (named Mojo), I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of the samples (MojoMsgSample) uses GWT and the Google App Engine for the “cloud” part of the sample! It’s a basic publish/subscribe app, but still it’s nice to find oneself in known territory…… Read More

The Google Collections Library 1.0 is a set of new collection types, implementations and related goodness for Java 5 and higher, brought to you by Google. It is a natural extension of the Java Collections Framework. We have finally (Dec 30, 2009) released version 1.0-final! The API is now frozen: there will be no more… Read More