I recently attended a very interesting 2-day Scrum Master course with Dan Rawthorne, a seasoned agile practitioner, and that made me realize that Scrum is a living thing and has evolved from what I thought I had figured out, and is still evolving… Dan has a lot of experience managing agile projects and is one… Read More

I have updated my scrum Excel helper workbook: added “category” to user stories, changed “priority” to “value” added “sprint focus” header to sprint sheet added velocity remaining units now extrapolated from previous day if no data entered a few cosmetic changes Here is the updated version: ScrumOGE v1.2… Read More

I’ve known about DSLs for a while, but a very interesting presentation by Neal Ford at the TSSJS in Prague last year made me reconsider the subject. Before, I considered DSLs were applicable only in very specific situations, like where there existed a huge number of requirements that were expressed very formally. Think rocket launching… Read More

Remember the Agile Manifesto? “Individuals and interactions above processes and tools”… I was looking for Scrum tools, so I experimented a few of them and I thought all of them were overkill and tried to make you do Scrum the way they wanted. So I thought about the Agile Manifesto and wondered, what’s the simplest… Read More