Must read keynote from the TSSJS conf last week… I was thrilled by the Aeon Flux reference btw 🙂 [edit: the presentation has been removed and is no longer accessible… you can read the related blog entry here. Thanks Chris for making me aware of this]… Read More

Eric Daugherty: Realistically, I think tools like GWT are the future. As a Flex developer, I enjoy the ability to quickly and easily create rich applications that will render the same on ever user's machine. But I would prefer that the Flex applications would compile to HTML and JavaScript, so they could be run native… Read More

Amazon has unveiled the details of its development kit for its Kindle e-book reader. The so called “Kindle development kit for active content” (or KDK) will be based on Java 1.4 Personal Basis Profile (JSR 217); custom additional APIs will be available for networking, local storage, specific UI components, etc. (see javadoc). As strongly as… Read More

You’d think that in 2010, date processing is something that is easily done in Java (and hence GWT), in a consistent cross-platform way. And you’d be wrong. When I’m talking date processing, I mean simple calendar date (not time) operations, like: get today’s date, add a number of days, compute the number of days between… Read More

This is what James Gossling posted on his blog yesterday… Like so many commenters, I also spent the majority of my professional career with Sun technologies, mostly Java. Whatever happens next, it’s a new era that begins. Fortunately, the company with a big G has embraced Java, and that is probably where the future lies,… Read More

The Google Collections Library 1.0 is a set of new collection types, implementations and related goodness for Java 5 and higher, brought to you by Google. It is a natural extension of the Java Collections Framework. We have finally (Dec 30, 2009) released version 1.0-final! The API is now frozen: there will be no more… Read More

Are you tired of writing (x != null) ? x.getThis() : null Would you rather write something like x?.getThis() If so, support the Elvis proposal for Java ! Interesting alternative notations can be found here.… Read More

I believe this proposal, although incomplete, to be much more acceptable to the current Java community than existing BGGA or FCM. Most proposals state that it’s not the syntax that matters, it’s the semantics. While this is undoubtedly true, syntax is the first thing a programmer will see and judge the feature by. If the… Read More

LambaJ is quite an interesting project. How many times did you write the same loop, with only a few differences that were impossible to factor out because of the lack of closures in Java? LambdaJ partially alleviates the need for closures by allowing the manipulation of Collections in a way that doesn’t require iterating through… Read More

Continuing the series, here’s Bert Ertman’s opinion after Oracle’s OpenWorld : (…) To sum things up so far, Oracle’s message is about integrating everything into a single (bright red colored) solution. They deserve credit for the way their current stack seems to deliver to that promise. However, Java’s promise has always been about opening everything… Read More