It was suggested by Phil kearny (ex Apple employee) that Google should buy Palm… Let’s dream a little bit: Google buys Palm A GWT wrapper is developper for Mojo (Palm’s Javascript SDK). GWT becomes the official SDK for webOS dalvik is ported to webOS. All the apps from the Android marketplace are now available for… Read More

I’ve been pondering a replacement for my (still reliable but aging) Treo 680. Since I have decided not to get an iPhone as long as the App Store has such insane policies, I’ve narrowed my search down to: Palm Pre An Android device The Pre has a groundbreaking OS called webOS which is almost entirely… Read More

Oh yes, the iPhone is a wonderful little device. It’s sleek, it’s easy and fun to use, it has internet connectivity and a browser that is quite usable despite the screen size (and that runs GWT applications fairly well…). It has GPS, doubles as an iPod. It has lots of cool and free or nearly… Read More