In case you missed it, Google announced last week that the tools from the rcently acquired company Instantiations were now available for free! This is a great news because it includes GWT Designer, the famous (and only so far) graphical designer for GWT… It’s the perfect complement to the Google plugin for Eclipse. Google Web… Read More

It was suggested by Phil kearny (ex Apple employee) that Google should buy Palm… Let’s dream a little bit: Google buys Palm A GWT wrapper is developper for Mojo (Palm’s Javascript SDK). GWT becomes the official SDK for webOS dalvik is ported to webOS. All the apps from the Android marketplace are now available for… Read More

For those of you not familiar with the Who’s Who of IT, Tim Bray is best known for the central role he played in the initial specification of XML. I should know because I spent countless hours studying it back in 2000. If you really really have to read it too, I urge you to… Read More

I’ve been pondering a replacement for my (still reliable but aging) Treo 680. Since I have decided not to get an iPhone as long as the App Store has such insane policies, I’ve narrowed my search down to: Palm Pre An Android device The Pre has a groundbreaking OS called webOS which is almost entirely… Read More

Last week Google announced its upcoming OS, Chrome OS. More than the fact that Google is entering the OS market, which was expected, the most significant thing about this announcement is the OS name. Chrome is already the name of the web browser that Google launched 9 months ago. Chrome is without a doubt the… Read More