Test-driven development is a good thing. We all agree on that, right? But TDD assumes you can write tests before actually implementing the functionality. How do you do for the GUI when most GUI test tools are based on a scenario-recording appraoch? This requires that the GUI already exists; in other words, another instance of… Read More

I’ve known about DSLs for a while, but a very interesting presentation by Neal Ford at the TSSJS in Prague last year made me reconsider the subject. Before, I considered DSLs were applicable only in very specific situations, like where there existed a huge number of requirements that were expressed very formally. Think rocket launching… Read More

La journée d’aujourd’hui a commencé fort, avec un keynote de Neal Ford Language Oriented Programming: Shifting Paradigms. Une présentation impressionnante, avec des slides à faire pâlir d’envie Al Gore, et une parfaite maîtrise… S’appuyant sur un cas concret, Neal montre que la façon de résoudre un problème dans le monde informatique d’aujourd’hui est souvent de… Read More