In case you missed it, Google announced last week that the tools from the rcently acquired company Instantiations were now available for free! This is a great news because it includes GWT Designer, the famous (and only so far) graphical designer for GWT… It’s the perfect complement to the Google plugin for Eclipse. Google Web… Read More

If you don’t know yet, SmartGWT is a cool GWT tookit made by Sanjiv Jivan (the guy who wrote GWT-ext). It is primarily intended to build SmartClient frontends, but it is also available standalone under LGPL license. SmartGWT is fast becoming a strong alternative to GWT-ext (stuck because of license issues) and Ext-GWT (very buggy… Read More

You’d think that in 2010, date processing is something that is easily done in Java (and hence GWT), in a consistent cross-platform way. And you’d be wrong. When I’m talking date processing, I mean simple calendar date (not time) operations, like: get today’s date, add a number of days, compute the number of days between… Read More

While exploring the code samples that come with Palm’s SDK for webOS (named Mojo), I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of the samples (MojoMsgSample) uses GWT and the Google App Engine for the “cloud” part of the sample! It’s a basic publish/subscribe app, but still it’s nice to find oneself in known territory…… Read More

Finally, as anticipated Google set the “release” tag on GWT 2.0 and announced it at its Campfire One event yesterday. In addition to the well-known major new features (development mode, Code splitting, UiBinder, ResourceBundle), Google comes with a new tool named Speedtracer to measure the performance of Ajax applications inside the browser. SpeedTracer is only available for Chrome… Read More

The release is coming closer… Christmas gift anyone? GWT 2.0 RC2 is available from this link. The Google plugin for Eclipse has been updated as well to 1.2 RC2 Caution Windows users who installed the IE plugin, you’ll have to uninstall it and install a new version (details there).… Read More