Download Chrome extension from other browser (for offline installation)

This is a little trick I found nowhere on the web so I thought I’d share.

Suppose you need to install an extension for Chrome, but for some reason you can’t access internet from Chrome itself… Easy, you just need to get the CRX file that contains the extension bundle, right? The trouble is, you can’t easily get this file if you’re browsing the extension gallery with anything other than Chrome.


Here’s how I did it:

  1. Find the ID of the extension you’re interested in. When on the details page of the extension, it will be something like “bfbmjmiodbnnpllbbbfblcplfjjepjdn” after “” in the page URL
  2. Paste this URL into your browser: “” replacing ____ with the extension ID.
  3. You’ll be prompted to save a CRX file. Drag this file to a Chrome window and proceed with installation


31 thoughts on “Download Chrome extension from other browser (for offline installation)

  1. Very useful tip – Thanks!

    For privacy issues I have blocked all Google Analytics at the DNS level – and because of that – if I then try to install any extension from the Chrome Store – it doesn’t allow it.

    So, download it through Firefox using the Downthemall! and FlashGot extensions seems to be the solution.

    1. System might have changed since I wrote this, I haven’t tried recently.

  2. This method starts to work, clearly sees the extension ok, but then gives the error invalid value for ‘perimissions[5]’

  3. If it isn’t working for you and you get an error when you try, you might be doing what I did at first.. when I pasted the extention id to the “____”, I accidently put the “3D” twice.
    So instead of “id%3D____%26uc” it was “id%3D3D____%26uc”.

  4. Hi fregs.
    I opened the Chrome offline, dragged the crx file from My Documents into the Chrome window and got a message:

    “App, Extensions and user scripts cannot be added from this website”

    How did you do it? Maybe I don’t do it properly ???

    1. If you have the CRX file it should be ok. What is the extension you are trying to install ?

  5. I tried installing ProxySwitchy this way but I got the same error as Mike:

    “App Extensions and User Scripts cannot be added from this website”

    I think they blocked CRX installations from sites other than the Chrome Store.

  6. Brilliantly simple thanks… I wanted to install a theme on clover, I was using on chrome… and you need the crx to do so. I did I modification though.. I took your link modified it like you said and pasted the complete link in IDM (Internet Download Manager)… and it downloaded directly.. worked like a charm.. thanks!

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