This is what James Gossling posted on his blog yesterday…

Like so many commenters, I also spent the majority of my professional career with Sun technologies, mostly Java. Whatever happens next, it’s a new era that begins. Fortunately, the company with a big G has embraced Java, and that is probably where the future lies, because I have strong doubts about what Oracle will do with Java.

2 comments on “James Gossling: “so long, old friend”

  • HI james,

    I am having a Dream to work with a company Like sun Micro systems, My dream is almost will not come to reality. I am really not happy with the migration of such a solid company like SUN to ORACLE. as i know SUN is JAMES and JAMES is SUN.

    Why Nobel committe not thinking about a NOBEL for changed the Software very drastically, every one knows , about JAVA , how really important for evry one NOW.

    I am having only one dream, I woud like to Meet you atleast once in my life time.

    I wanted to become like You.

    your BIG fan

    Sarathi Krishna.M

    • Dear Sarathi,
      I’m afraid Mr. Gossling does not read this blog, but who knows?
      You can still be the next James Gossling… All my wishes in this pursuit!

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