I recently attended a very interesting 2-day Scrum Master course with Dan Rawthorne, a seasoned agile practitioner, and that made me realize that Scrum is a living thing and has evolved from what I thought I had figured out, and is still evolving… Dan has a lot of experience managing agile projects and is one… Read More

Must read keynote from the TSSJS conf last week… I was thrilled by the Aeon Flux reference btw 🙂 [edit: the presentation has been removed and is no longer accessible… you can read the related blog entry here. Thanks Chris for making me aware of this]… Read More

In case you missed it, Google announced last week that the tools from the rcently acquired company Instantiations were now available for free! This is a great news because it includes GWT Designer, the famous (and only so far) graphical designer for GWT… It’s the perfect complement to the Google plugin for Eclipse. Google Web… Read More

You probably know that Google has recently announced that they were stopping development for Google wave, and indeed after the initial buzz and all the hype that surrounded wave when it was launched, interested faded rapidly. Why did that happen ? I mostly agree with this post: Why Google Wave “failed”. When users need to… Read More

Test-driven development is a good thing. We all agree on that, right? But TDD assumes you can write tests before actually implementing the functionality. How do you do for the GUI when most GUI test tools are based on a scenario-recording appraoch? This requires that the GUI already exists; in other words, another instance of… Read More

As you might know, GWT provides a handy and elegant mechanism to manage back and forward buttons (and bookmarking) through the use of the “anchor” part of the URL, that is the part after the # sign. Basically, whatever you put after the # will not trigger a page reload, but can be intercepted by… Read More

It was suggested by Phil kearny (ex Apple employee) that Google should buy Palm… Let’s dream a little bit: Google buys Palm A GWT wrapper is developper for Mojo (Palm’s Javascript SDK). GWT becomes the official SDK for webOS dalvik is ported to webOS. All the apps from the Android marketplace are now available for… Read More

For those of you not familiar with the Who’s Who of IT, Tim Bray is best known for the central role he played in the initial specification of XML. I should know because I spent countless hours studying it back in 2000. If you really really have to read it too, I urge you to… Read More